Quanta Magazine "Map of Mathematics" missing foundations.

Pedro Sánchez Terraf sterraf at famaf.unc.edu.ar
Sun Feb 16 15:14:33 EST 2020

El 15/2/20 a las 00:40, Annatala Wolf escribió:
> https://www.quantamagazine.org/the-map-of-mathematics-20200213
> The map itself is clearly geared toward a non-mathematical audience, 
> but it's still rather disappointing that despite the attempt to touch 
> on as many fields as possible

Perhaps they were just focusing on “mainstream mathematics”. At a 
glance, the map seems to be mostly Number Theory, Geometry and 
physics-related math. So, it looks like “as many fields as possible” was 
not their goal.

Actually, they have some interesting articles in set theory, for instance

where they look at forcing axioms vs. Ultimate-L, and a more recent one 

concerning p=t. In fact, in the map links articles as old as 2014 (just 
a random check).

Indeed, "cardinal numbers" could just have a place among "numbers".


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