842: Gromov's "most powerful language" and set theory

Harvey Friedman hmflogic at gmail.com
Sat Feb 8 02:53:34 EST 2020

>From a casual glance at the Gromov video I did not get a decent sense
of what kind of "language power" Gromov is referring to. Under various
well known interpretations of "language power" it is well known that
set theory is much stronger than alternatives (because of the large
cardinals that have such easy clean clear formulations). Even without
the large cardinals set theory is at least as strong as alternatives
under these usual interpretations.

Perhaps Gromov is talking about some sort of informal notion of
language power. However, the video does spend a lot of time debunking
mathematical discussions based on informal notions - even referring to
such things as nonsense.

With regard to the present proper domination of set theory as a
foundation, whereby category theory is interpreted in set theory,
there is another feature that I have discussed some years ago on FOM.
That is, that ZFC and probably the large cardinals as well are
canonically generated from finite set theory. And finite set theory,
with its principal hard core model HF (hereditarily finite sets) is of
clear special foundational importance. .

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