Udine Workshop on Singular Cardinals

Alberto Marcone alberto.marcone at uniud.it
Thu Feb 6 12:30:39 EST 2020

Udine Workshop on Singular Cardinals

We are happy to announce the upcoming "Udine Workshop on Singular 
Cardinals", that will be held in Udine (Italy) on 6-7 July 2020. It will 
be held at Palazzo di Toppo Wassermann, a prestigious 18th-century 
palace. Singular cardinals are transversal to set theory and beyond, and 
this will be an occasion to bring together researchers working on 
singular cardinals and share the latest developments on this topic.

Vincenzo Dimonte (University of Udine)
Mirna Dzamonja (The University of East Anglia)
Luca Motto Ros (University of Torino)

James Cummings (Carnegie Mellon University)
Péter Komjáth (Eötvös Loránd University)
Menachem Magidor (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) *
Itay Neeman (UCLA) *
Assaf Rinot (Bar-Ilan University)
Jouko Väänänen (University of Helsinki)
* To confirm

Website: https://users.dimi.uniud.it/~vincenzo.dimonte/WSC2020.html

There will be some slots open for contributed talks, and all the 
interested researchers and students are encouraged to apply. To propose 
a contributed talk, please write to vincenzo.dimonte at uniud.it by May the 

For further information, contact vincenzo.dimonte at uniud.it
Alberto Marcone                                 alberto.marcone at uniud.it
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