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For more references one has to focus on Goedel’s incompleteness result. Several scholars considered it as the ultimate evidence of the insufficiency of the axiomatic method: 

E.W. Beth: “Fundamental Features of Contemporary Theory of Science”, Brit. J. Phil. Science, 1 (1950) 89-102, p. 102; 

J. van Heijenoort: “Goedel Theorem”, in Paul Edwards (ed.): Encyclopedia of Philosophy, MacMillan, London, 1967, p. 356; 

G. Kreisel “Logic aspects of axiomatic method”, in H.-D. Ebbinghaus et al. (eds.): Logic Colloquium ’87, North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1989: 183-217. 

J. Hintikka:” Is there completeness in Mathematics after Goedel?”, Phil. Topics, 17, 1989 no. 2, 69-90.

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Dear Dr Shipman you may find the relevant quotes , not the names fo authors,  following, e.g., --108 & ff of Giancarlo Rota.

I include the book as edited by Palombi for Birkhauser.


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I would appreciate either links or quotes. All people are giving me is names.


— JS

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Dear Dr Shipman

you may find a wealth of remarks critical of axiomatic methods

in the works of Giancarlo Rota (MIT.)

While I am unsure whether Rota ought to be categorized as philosopher or mathematician or both.



















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D. Kant: “On the other hand, some philosophers also argue that the axiomatic view on mathematics may be harmful in that it omits fundamental aspects of mathematical practice and idealizes mathematical reasoning in an unfaithful way.”


Which philosophers? I’m interested in any references you have on this topic.

Joe Shipman 


Take for example Jean Le Rond D’Alembert “Elémens” in Encyclopédie Française :  a « rational » theory leaves always some « holes »(trous)

Lazare Carnot  Essai sur les machines en général ; pp. 105-106 

A century ago Lorentz, Poincaré and Einstein contrasted two kinds of theories, as Flores illustrated: Flores, F. (1999). Einstein’s Theory of Theories and Types of Theoretical Explanation. International Studies in Philosophy of Science, 13, 123-134.https://doi.org/10.1080/02698599908573613.

In my opinion, axiomatic theories cannot represent theories based on the search of a new method for solving a basic problem (as e.g. is Kolmogorov’s paper of 1924-25, or Markov’s paper on constructive mathematics 1971).

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