848: Set Equation Theory/1

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The book is now taking some additional shape.

1. Boolean Relation Theory.
2. Invariant Maximality Theory.
3. Set Equation Theory

Of course, the Brand New Tangible Incompleteness series 1-5  is in chapter
2, Invariant Maximality Theory. Boolean Relation Theory is on my
website, downloadable manuscripts, and is already about 800 pages.

There has been a major breakthrough in Tangible Incompleteness at the
HUGE level. Recall HUGE is ZFC + {there exists an n-huge cardinal}_n.
lambda is n-huge if and only if there is a nontrivial elementary
embedding from V(lambda) into V(mu) where j...j(kappa) = lambda, where
kappa is the critical point and there are k j's. (This is a
reformulation of the standard formulations that involving elementary
embeddings of V into classes).

DEFINITION 1. The upper shift USH maps Q* into Q* and USH(x) results
from adding 1 to all nonnegative coordinates of x. The extensive upper
shift EUSH:Q* into Q*  is defined by EUSH(x) is the result of adding 1
to all coordinates at least as large as some coordinates of x in N.
The upper shift and the extensive upper shift of S containedin Q^k is
the set of all USH(x), EUSH(x), x in S, respectively.

USH and EUSH is to be distinguished from the USH/N that we use in the
LEAD in Invariant Maximality. EUSH is more like USH/N than USH.

DEFINITION 2. Let S containedin Q^k. S# is the least A^k containing S.
Let R containedin Q^2k and S containedin Q^k. R<[S] = {y in Q^kL there
exists x in S such that max(x) < max(y) and x R y},S^<= = {x in S: x_1
<= ... <= x_k}.

DEFINITION 3. Let S,T containedin Q^k. S is a relatively order
theoretic subset of T if and only if S is the intersection of an order
theoretic subset of Q^k with T. S controls T if and only if every
bounded above relatively order theoretic subset of T is a relatively
order theoretic subset of S.

PROPOSITION 1. Let R containedin Q^2k be order invariant. There exists
S = S#\R<[S].

PROPOSITION 2. Let R containedin Q^2k be order invariant. There exists
S = S#\R<[S] containing its upper shift (extensive upper shift).

PROPOSITION 3. Let R containedin Q^2k be order invariant. There exists
S = (S# union N^k)\R<[S] containing its upper shift (extensive upper

PROPOSITION 4. Let R containedin Q^2k be order invariant. There exists
S^<= = S#^<=\R<[S] controlling its upper shift (extensive upper

THEOREM 5. Proposiiton 1 is provable in RCA_0. Proposition 2 is
provably equivalent to Con(SRP) over WKL_0. Proposition 2 implies
Con(PA) over RCA_0. Proposition 3 is provably equivalent to Con(SRP)
over WKL_0. It implies Con(SRP) over RCA_0. Proposition 4 is provably
equivalent to Con(HUGE) over WKL_0. It implies Con(HUGE) over RCA_0.


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