[FOM] Circularity in Syntax and Semantics 2019: call for participation

Graham Leigh graham.leigh at gu.se
Mon Oct 21 07:43:42 EDT 2019

Circularity in Syntax and Semantics 2019: call for participation
20-22 November 2019, Gothenburg, Sweden

The workshop is dedicated to aspects of circularity and ill-foundedness in formal methods. The aim is to gather together researchers who study and/or utilise these phenomena from different perspectives such as provability, formal reasoning, construction, computation and complexity. As well as invited speakers there will be sessions for contributed talks.

Topics of interest include (but are not restricted to):

- Logics with circular or self-referential semantics, such as temporal logics, fixed point logic, mu-calculi;
- Models of infinite computation, including automata and games;
- Non-wellfounded or circular derivation systems for provability, satisfiability, type-checking, etc.;
- Impredicative constructions in foundations, such as theories of inductive definitions, impredicative type theory and non-wellfounded set theory;
- Self-reference in natural and formal languages and their treatment;
- Philosophical considerations of any of the above topics.

We are proud to announce that the 2019 Lindström Lectures will be held in connection with CiSS and delivered by Johan van Benthem. More information is available at

*** Registration is now open ***
Registration deadline: 25 October 2019
Conference: 20–22 November 2019

- Johan van Benthem (Amsterdam)
- Mads Dam (KTH)
- Amina Doumane (Lyon & Warsaw)
- Mai Gehrke (CNRS)
- Helle Hvid Hansen (TU Delft)
- Paul-André Milliès (Paris Diderot)

The programme will also include contributed talks. Full details available on the conference webpage.

There is no registration fee. However, as space is limited, we request all participants to fill in the registration form available on the conference webpage.

- Bahareh Afshari (Gothenburg and Amsterdam) co-chair
- David Baelde (Cachan)
- Anupam Das (Copenhagen)
- Valentin Goranko (Stockholm)
- Graham Leigh (Gothenburg) co-chair
- Alexis Saurin (Paris)
- Yde Venema (Amsterdam)

- Bahareh Afshari (GU & UvA)
- Paul Gorbow (GU)
- Mattias Granberg Olsson (GU)
- Graham Leigh (GU)

For enquiries please email: bahareh.afshari at gu.se

* Swedish Research Council
* Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation
* Association for Symbolic Logic
* Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science (University of Gothenburg)

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