[FOM] 837: Tangible Incompleteness Restarted/11

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Fri Oct 18 02:58:21 EDT 2019

Two topics in this posting:


I had forgotten about the EMBEDDING approach to invariance. EMBEDDINGS
here are partial functions from Q[0,1] into Q[0,1], and we use the
diagonal action as expected. I had worked with this some time ago. I
have upgraded the treatment, in the past few days, with a clearer
perspective and some new results.

I am busy reworking #109 on my website to a new #110. I will retain
the old news #109 as various things there may resurface.


We look at structures (Z,R), where N is the set of all integers, and R
containedin Z^k

Here are the natural statements from classical model theory that we
analyze with the lens of my Reverse Mathematics that I began to set up
in the early 1970s.

inclusion maximality is self explanatory. Point maximality means that
no new single point can be added and still stay in the class.

A. Let k >= 1. Every nonempty universal class of (Z,R) has an
inclusion maximal element. Provable in RCA_0.

B. Let k >= 1. Every universal class of (Z,R) has a point (inclusion)
maximal element containing any given element. Equivalent to Pi11-CA0
over RCA0 (both forms).

C. Let k >= 1. Every universal-existential class of (Z,R) has a point
(inclusion) maximal element containing any given element. Equivalent
to Pi11-CA0 over RCA0 (both forms).

D. :Let k >= 1. Every nonempty universal-existential class of (Z,R)
has a point (inclusion) maximal element. Equivalent to parameterless
Pi11-CA0 over RCA0 (both forms).

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Harvey Friedman

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