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So far, we have these three major sections under Invariant Maximality:

2.2. Emulation Theory
2.3. Invariant Graph Theory
2.4. Invariant A...A Theory

Here are some further developments that should be included.

1. A very important addition that slipped through the cracks is the
use of embeddings as a special kind of invariance. Embeddings are
given by partial maps from Q into Q. We show that no f:Q into Q can be
used other than the identity. There is a lot of juicy material here,
some of course inaccessible to ZFC, and corresponding to Con(SRP)..

2. Use of intervals other than the Q[-n,n]. We use extended rational
intervals. This requires some minor modifications of the complete N
Tail Shift Invariance and the N Tail-Related Invariance. This cuts
across each of 2.2, 2.3, 2.4.

3. Maximality modifications:

A. Step Maximality. This was included in #108 but not in #109 on
Step Maximality cuts across each of 2.2, 2.3, 2.4.  So far the main
significance of Step Maximality is that it allows us to use intervals
without a right endpoint to get out of ZFC. Most notably, Q itself,
and in fact all of the [(a,infinity). We have step maximal emulators,
step maximal cliques, step maximal elements of A...A classes. It is
still unresolved whether step maximality is needed to get out of ZFC,
e.g, most notably for Q,  A bonus is that we can use N Tail Shift
Invariance and avoid "complete invariance".

B.Iterated Maximality. This turns out to be another way to get out of
ZFC in intervals like Q. For Emulation Theory, we define maximal
emulators of E_1 containedin ... containedin E_t containedin Q^k as
S_1 containedin... containedin S_t where each S_i is a maximal
emulator of E_i. We can equivalently define this directly without
passing through the ordinary t = 2 case.

For graphs, we use edge inclusion, as all of the t given graphs are
order invariant on Q^k. Each S_i is a maximal clique in G_i.

For A...A classes, we start with a tower of A...A classes, and find a
tower of respective elements, each maximal in the corresponding A...A

A bonus is that we can use N Tail Shift Invariance and avoid "complete

4. General modification. Duplication. This was included in #108 but
not in #109. Doesn't change the results. S is a duplicator of E if and
only if S,E are emulators of each other. Nice because whereas
emulation is transitive, duplication is an equivalence relation. Of
course maximal duplication is not symmetric.


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