[FOM] PhD position in Theoretical Computer Science at the VU Amsterdam

Joerg Endrullis j.endrullis at vu.nl
Mon Oct 7 12:16:17 EDT 2019

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
PhD position in Theoretical Computer Science

We are seeking applications for a fully-funded, 4-year PhD position in 
the Section of Theoretical Computer Science of the Vrije Universiteit 
Amsterdam (VUA). The goal of the project is the development of 
techniques for reasoning about automata that transform finite and 
infinite words (also known as transducers). For more details about the 
project, please check out http://joerg.endrullis.de/vidi/vidi.pdf, and 
http://joerg.endrullis.de/research/finite-state-transducers. In this 
project, we will use and extend techniques from automata theory, 
combinatorics on words, logic, coalgebra and term rewriting.


The principal investigator of this project is Joerg Endrullis with a 
background in term rewriting and automata theory. We will collaborate 
with Helle Hansen from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) having 
expertise in logic and coalgebra. At the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam we 
will collaborate with Femke van Raamsdonk with a background in 
higher-order rewriting, and Jasmin Blanchette working on formal 
verification and theorem provers.


Applicants should have a masters degree in computer science, 
mathematics, logic, or a closely related area. Knowledge of automata 
theory, coalgebra, logic, term rewriting or lambda calculus is 
considered an advantage. Fluency in English is important. Dutch language 
proficiency is not required.


Please send applications by email to

  dr. Joerg Endrullis
  j.endrullis at vu.nl
  +31 (0)20 5989886

For more details on the salary and employment conditions, see the full 
vacancy text at 
http://joerg.endrullis.de/vacancy/2019/09/15/phd-vacancy.html. Feel free 
to contact us for further information about the project and the position.

Formal applications must include:

- A motivation letter
- A curriculum vitae, including  a list of courses with grades
- A copy of the master's thesis (if already available)
- The name of at least one scientist able and willing to provide a reference


Review of applications will begin on December 1, 2019, and will continue 
until the position is filled.

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