[FOM] 2 three-year fully funded PhD positions in the Epistemology and Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic - Deadline June 3

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**PhD Program in Cognitive Neuroscience and Philosophy of Mind**
***IUSS Pavia* / *San Raffaele University Milan*

*/Epistemology and Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic/* (/*eMath*/) 

A call for **2 three-year fully funded PhD positions** funded by IUSS 
research program */Epistemology and Philosophy of Mathematics and 
Logic/* (/*eMath*/) is open within the PhD Program in *Cognitive 
Neuroscience and Philosophy of Mind*, promoted by a consortium between 
the School for Advanced Studies IUSS Pavia and Vita-Salute San Raffaele 
University in Milan.

A total of *5 PhD positions* is available, the remaining three of which 
in the areas covered by the PhD Program - including (a) Theoretical 
syntax and neurolinguistics; (b) Cognitive and neurocognitive science; 
(c) Philosophy (see http://www.iusspavia.it/research-fields2).

The /*Epistemology of Mathematics and Logic*/ project promotes advanced 
research, activities, and networking in the areas of the epistemology 
and philosophy of mathematics and logic. Research is fostered on several 
themes concerning major contemporary debates in the philosophy of 
mathematics and logic, especially when merging technical and formal 
skills with broader theoretical issues in epistemology, ontology, logic, 
philosophy of language and philosophy of science.

Within this broader field of interests, the following are privileged - 
although non-exclusive - areas of inquiry:

  * the nature of mathematical and logical knowledge;
  * epistemic problems of the major philosophical accounts of
    mathematics (logicism, neo-logicism, structuralism, nominalism,
    fictionalism, etc.);
  * origins and heritage of classical foundational projects, with
    particular attentions to the logicist, formalist, intuitionist and
    structuralist traditions;
  * issues concerning mathematical definitions, especially as
    abstractionist programmes are concerned;
  * semantic issues for logical and mathematical language;
  * the applicability of mathematics and philosophical issues concerning
    mathematical practice;
  * the nature of mathematical explanation and its interactions with
    scientific and logical explanation;
  * the application of theories of grounding to the metaphysics and
    epistemology of mathematics and logic;
  * the justification and revisability of classical and non-classical
    logical laws;
  * abductive methodology in the choice of logical and mathematical
  * applications of experimental epistemology to mathematics and logic;
  * problems of philosophical methodology and the justification of
    logical and mathematical theories;
  * pluralist and relativist views in logic and mathematics.

The project regularly organizes scientific activities (workshop, 
seminars, reading groups, masterclasses, etc.), incoming and outgoing 
visiting exchanges are promoted for both younger and established 
scholars, and dissemination of knowledge via teaching, participation to 
conferences and publications is encouraged.

Visit http://www.iusspavia.it/en/-/emath_project 
<http://www.iusspavia.it/projects> and its subsections for a summary of 
our activities and research, and for opportunities to work with us!*/

/Info:* andrea.sereni at iusspavia.it
Call for applications
/*http://www.iusspavia.it/bando2 (Italian)
http://www.iusspavia.it/call-for-applications2 (English)

Studentships amount to approx. 15.000€/year; monthly stipend is 
increased by 50% during study exchanges abroad. The PhD program promotes 
mobility and internationalization, and additional inward and outward 
mobility funding can be made available via the /eMath/ project resources.

The PhD program issues a final joint certificate between San Raffaele 
Milan and IUSS Pavia.

A /*complete description*/ of the entire PhD program, the */official/* 
/*call*/ and links to the /*submission system*/ can be found at:

****_Deadline for application is_**_: *_**_June 3, 2019_**_* (23.59 CET)_*.

Please pass on to potential PhD students.

Best regards

*/Andrea Sereni/*
Associate Professor (M-FIL/05) - Epistemology and Philosophy of Mathematics
Head of Department, Department of Humanities and Life Sciences**
*Scuola Universitaria Superiore IUSS Pavia***
Logo IUSS**
Palazzo del Broletto
Piazza della Vittoria n.15 - 27100 Pavia
Tel. +39 0382 375844
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