[FOM] Mirna Dzamonja on an alleged "crisis" in foundations

Timothy Y. Chow tchow at math.princeton.edu
Mon Mar 4 11:06:27 EST 2019

The following preprint appeared on the arXiv almost a year ago but I only 
just learned about it, and I don't recall it being discussed here on FOM:

A new foundational crisis in mathematics, is it really happening?
Mirna Dzamonja

Abstract: The article reconsiders the position of the foundations of 
mathematics after the discovery of HoTT.  Discussion that this discovery 
has generated in the community of mathematicians, philosophers and 
computer scientists might indicate a new crisis in the foundation of 
mathematics. By examining the mathematical facts behind HoTT and their 
relation with the existing foundations, we conclude that the present 
crisis is not one. We reiterate a pluralist vision of the foundations of 
mathematics. The article contains a short survey of the mathematical and 
historical background needed to understand the main tenets of the 
foundational issues.

There are a few statements scattered through the article that I would 
quibble with, but overall I agree with the main points that the author 


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