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The entry by Jonathan Seldin
"Haskell Brooks Curry (1900-1982)"
has been posted on the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP)

Curry was one of the most important logicians of the 20th century.
He did his PhD in Göttingen with Hilbert.
This PhD was written in German and has been recently published in a
bilingual edition:
"Foundations of Combinatory Logics (Grundlagen der kombinatorischen
Logik)", Haskell Curry
translated and presented by Fairouz Kamareddine and Jonathan Seldin in the
book series Logic PhDs

Curry is the originator of the expression "algebraic logic" that he used in
his book written in French
"Leçons de logique algébrique" (1952)
The introduction and the two first chapters of this book have been
translated in English by Jonathan Seldin and  published with a presentation
 entitled "Logical Algebras as formal systems: H.B.Curry's approach to
algebraic logic"
in the book "Universal Logic: An Anthology"

Seldin wrote in the IEP entry:
"He (Curry) was always willing to listen to anybody who wanted to talk to
him, to discuss their ideas, and to give whatever encouragement he could.
His office door was always open."
Kripke indeed told me that when he was a teenager he wrote to Curry and he
was the first to recognize the importance of his work on the semantics for
modal logic.

Jean-Yves Beziau
Logic Area Editor of the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Editor of the book series:
- Logic PhDs (College Publications)
- Studies in Universal Logic (Birkhäuser/Springer)
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