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Algebraic Methods in General Rough Sets
A. Mani, Gianpiero Cattaneo, Ivo Düntsch (Eds.)
Trends in Mathematics Series, Birkhäuser Basel, 747pp, 2018


This unique collection of research papers offers a comprehensive and
up-to-date guide to algebraic approaches to rough sets and reasoning
with vagueness. It bridges important gaps, outlines intriguing future
research directions, and connects algebraic approaches to rough sets
with those for other forms of approximate reasoning. In addition, the
book reworks algebraic approaches to axiomatic granularity. Given its
scope, the book offers a valuable resource for researchers and
teachers in the areas of rough sets and algebras of rough sets,
algebraic logic, non classical logic, fuzzy sets, possibility theory,
formal concept analysis, computational learning theory, category
theory, and other formal approaches to vagueness and approximate
reasoning. Consultants in AI and allied fields will also find the book
to be of great practical value.

Table of contents (10 chapters)

1. Mani, A., Cattaneo, G. and Düntsch, I.: Introduction, Pages 1-11

2. Cattaneo, G.: Algebraic Methods for Rough Approximation Spaces by
Lattice Interior–Closure Operations, Pages 13-156

3. Mani, A.: Algebraic Methods for Granular Rough Sets, Pages 157-335

4. Pagliani, P.: Three Lessons on the Topological and Algebraic Hidden
Core of Rough Set Theory, Pages 337-415

5. Järvinen, J. and Radeleczki: Irredundant Coverings, Tolerances, and
Related Algebras, Pages 417-457

6. Mani, A.: Algebraic Representation, Dualities and Beyond, Pages 459-552

7. Cattaneo, G. and Ciucci, D.: Algebraic Methods for Orthopairs and
Induced Rough Approximation Spaces, Pages 553-640

8. Eklund, P. and Galen, M.: Rough Objects in Monoidal Closed
Categories, Pages 641-655

9. Davvaz, B.: Rough Algebraic Structures Corresponding to Ring
Theory, Pages 657-695

10. Ali, S.: S-Approximation Spaces,Pages 697-725

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