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Subject: Summer Math Logic Instructor and TA Positions - Johns Hopkins CTY
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Dear Prof. Davis,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to let you know about an
exciting opportunity for students or instructors in your department to work
with a Math Logic course this summer with the Johns Hopkins University
Center for Talented Youth (CTY) summer programs. Our current openings are
on the East and West coasts, with room and board provided for staff.

We are seeking both instructors and teaching assistants for Math Logic. For
instructors, we are looking for graduate students with teaching experience
or faculty/adjuncts. Teaching assistants are generally undergraduate or
graduate students.

I appreciate you taking the time to forward the information below to those
you think may be interested, or to your department for inclusion in a
listserv or job board.

Kind regards,

Frannie Worek

Frannie Worek

Assistant Program Manager, Summer Academic Programs

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

[image: cid:A1B10892-EA76-48E5-BA40-7BFD5019FA24]

*Summer 2019 Employment Opportunity*

*Math Logic*

*Instructors and Teaching Assistants*

The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) is seeking
applicants interested in summer employment as a *Math Logic
Instructor* or *Teaching
Assistant*. Positions are located in *Maryland, Pennsylvania, and
California*, and room and board are provided for all staff. CTY offers
challenging summer academic programs for middle and high school students
from across the country and around the world.

*Why teach for CTY?*

   - share your passion for mathematics with highly motivated and talented
   - be a part of an intellectual community
   - develop your teaching skills in a supportive, collegial environment
   - work alongside dedicated educators from around the world
   - limited class size (15 students), plus an instructor and assistant for
   each class, ensures a low student-teacher ratio
   - competitive salary plus room and board

*Mathematical Logic course*

In this math course, students learn about the key concepts of logic,
including validity, soundness, consistency, and satisfiability. They
develop systems of logic in formal symbolic languages, including the
propositional calculus and first-order quantified logic. These systems
allow students to test the validity of arguments and write formal proofs
with precision. Students explore the syntax and semantics of these
languages. They then engage in metalogic: reasoning logically about a
system of logic. They examine soundness, asking whether all proofs in the
system really prove their conclusion, and completeness, considering whether
every valid conclusion can actually be proven using the rules of that

*Responsibilities of Instructors*

Instructors' core responsibilities are to plan and conduct their classes
within our guidelines, to monitor and evaluate the progress of each of
their students, and to supervise a teaching assistant.

*Responsibilities of TAs*

The primary responsibilities of teaching assistants are tutoring students,
assisting with the paperwork of a class, teaching the class as requested by
the instructor, supervising evening study sessions, assisting with
administrative tasks, and generally helping to ensure that the class runs


·         Instructor: First-year salary is $4,800 to $6,000 for two
sessions; instructors may work one or both sessions.

·         TA: First-year salary is $2540 total for two sessions; TAs may
one or both sessions.

·         Room and board are provided on campus for instructors and TAs

*Instructor Openings*

·         Los Angeles, CA (Loyola Marymount University) – Session 2 only

·         Baltimore, MD (Johns Hopkins University) – Session 1, Session 2

·         Lancaster, PA (Franklin & Marshall College) – Session 1 only

*Teaching Assistant Openings*

·         Los Angeles, CA (Loyola Marymount University) – Session 2 only


·         Session 1: June 20 – July 13

·         Session 2: July 13 – August 3

We also have additional openings for other math courses. A full list of
Mathematics, Computer Science, and Economics course offerings, along with
the site locations of each course, can be found at:

*More Information:*

·         Instructor position:

·         Teaching Assistant position:

·         Online application*: *

Please email inquiries directly to Frannie Worek at fworek at jhu.edu.

*Johns Hopkins University is an equal opportunity employer and does not
discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, age, sexual
orientation, national or ethnic origin, disability, marital status, veteran
status, or any other occupationally irrelevant criteria. The university
promotes affirmative action for minorities, women, disabled persons, and
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