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*Federated Logic Conference 2022 (FLOC 2022) *

Call for proposals to host

During the past forty years there has been extensive, continuous, and
growing interaction between logic and computer science. In many respects,
logic provides computer science with both a unifying foundational framework
and a tool for modeling. In fact, logic has been called “the calculus of
computer science”, playing a crucial role in diverse areas such as
artificial intelligence, computational complexity, distributed computing,
database systems, hardware design, programming languages, and software

The Federated Logic Conference brings together several international
conferences related to mathematical logic and computer science. In its last
edition in Oxford (see www.floc2018.org) the conference brought together
2000+ participants over 2 weeks comprising of 9 main conferences and 80+
satellite events. In 2022, we have a new conference joining (KR) so there
will be 10 main conferences and we are aiming at having 40-60 satellite
events with a total attendance of 1500-2000 people. The conferences
typically have max 150 participants and workshops typically have 20-50

We are now seeking proposals to host the next edition of FLOC in the summer
of 2022.

*Submission instructions*

Proposals should be sent to the SIGLOG conference committee chair Alexandra
Silva <alexandra.silva at ucl.ac.uk> by *June 30th*.They should include:

   1. An overview of the organising committee, including relevant
   experience in the organisation of large scale events.
   2. Details of any Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) that will be
   used and, if the organisers do not intend to resort to a PCO, an
   explanation on how they will handle the bursts of activity surrounding
   organisation (in particular, registrations, budgeting/finance,
   accommodations, social program).
   3. Details of the venue: location, existence of appropriate space to run
   parallel events.
   4. Fundraising strategy.
   5. Available accommodation types for participants.

The SIGLOG conference committee, together with Prof. Moshe Vardi, will
select the winning bid. We encourage potential organisers to contact
Alexandra Silva <alexandra.silva at ucl.ac.uk> to get additional information
relative to budget, space requirements, etc, to help them prepare the bids.
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