[FOM] tu quoque argumentation

José Manuel Rodriguez Caballero josephcmac at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 17:31:07 EDT 2018

> Sam wrote:
> Also,
> Connes freely uses strong axioms of set theory for his theories; these
> same axioms allow you to build
> the models of NSA he criticizes.

I cannot avoid seeing similarities between this tu quoque argumentation
against Connes' criticism of non-standard analysis and the similar tu
quoque argumentations against Voevodsky's trichotomy about the status of
Peano arithmetic.

Could Weierstrass use such a tu quoque argumentation against Kronecker?

According to Yvon Gauthier, Kronecker was consistent with his own criticism
of mathematics. Nevertheless, I am not sure if Kronecker's criticism allows
him to use of Cauchy theorem in his 1881 memoir Zur theorie der
elliptischen Functionen (Werke IV, pp 309-318).

Voevodsky and Connes seem to be a kind of XXI century equivalent of
Kronecker, from the point of view of criticism of foundations of

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