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From: Communication FSMP <communication at fsmp.fr <mailto:communication at fsmp.fr>>
Date: jeu. 11 oct. 2018 à 17:43
Subject: Appels d'offres de la FSMP / FSMP calls for applications
To: <membres at irif.fr <mailto:membres at irif.fr>>

Dear colleagues,

The Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris offers research chairs,  postdoctoral positions, Ph.D fellowships and master scholarships in Mathematics and in fundamental Computer Science for academic year 2019-2020. The positions are located in Paris. Schedule of deadlines below (at 11:59 p.m., Paris time). Feel free to circulate this message to your contacts.
Research chair of excellence: from Monday October 1st to Monday December 10th 2018.
Offer description:  https://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/en/the-fsmp-chairs-803.htm <https://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/en/the-fsmp-chairs-803.htm>
Application form:  https://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/en/the-research-chairs-position-561.htm <https://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/en/the-research-chairs-position-561.htm>
Postdoctoral program: from Monday October 1st to Saturday December 1st 2018.
Offer description: https://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/en/postdoctoral-programmes-247.htm <https://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/en/postdoctoral-programmes-247.htm>
Application form: //www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/en/Researchers%20and%20Students-380.htm <http://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/en/Researchers%20and%20Students-380.htm>
Master scholarships PGSM, 1st call: from Monday October 1st 2018 to Saturday January 26t 2019.
Only for students from universities out of France.
Offer description:  https://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/en/masters-250.htm <https://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/en/masters-250.htm>
Application form:  https://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/en/first-call-for-pgsm-master-893.htm <https://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/en/first-call-for-pgsm-master-893.htm>
Master scholarships PGSM, 2nd call: from Saturday December 1st 2018 to Friday May 10th 2019.
Open to the same students plus those from universities of FSMP’s network.
Offer description:  https://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/en/masters-250.htm <https://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/en/masters-250.htm>
MathInParis PhD fellowships: from Saturday December 15th 2018 to Monday April 1st 2019.
Offer description:  https://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/fr/cofund-mathinparis-842.htm <https://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/fr/cofund-mathinparis-842.htm>
Application form:  https://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/fr/call-for-math-in-paris-fellowships-924.htm <https://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/fr/call-for-math-in-paris-fellowships-924.htm>

Best regards,

Gaël Octavia
Responsable de la communication
Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris
www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr <http://www.sciencesmaths-paris.fr/>
IHP - 11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie
75231 Paris Cedex 05
communication at fsmp.fr <mailto:communication at fsmp.fr>
Tél : 33 (0)1 44 27 67 70
Fax : 33 (0)1 44 27 68 04

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