[FOM] JAF 38 - New York (May, 28-30) - First announcement

Patrick Cegielski cegielski at u-pec.fr
Sun Nov 11 06:08:23 EST 2018

Dear all,

May you largely distribute the first announcement of JAF 38?

International meeting  "38th Days of Weak Arithmetics”
May 28-30, 2019 New York. 


For a detailed description of what are "Weak Arithmetics" visit


The meeting will cover traditional topics of the "Days" such as: 
Provability in weak arithmetics
Definability in weak arithmetics
Weak arithmetics and model theory
Decidability/undecidability of weak logical theories Modeling computations in the frameworks of weak arithmetics 
SUBMISSION of papers:

See joint file for details


Please visit


PLACE of the meeting

The "38th DAYS" will be held at the Graduate Center of CUNY (5th avenue, 34th street, corner opposite to the Empire State Building). 

Best regards,


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