[FOM] About Set Theory with negation of the existence of an empty set

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Thu Nov 8 15:42:16 EST 2018

 Dear Prof. Dorin 

   I have found some papers (maybe you know them), where among others,
the non-existence of empty set is discussed: 

   Frédéric Nef, « Which Variety of Realism? Some Asseverations on the
Dependence of Abstracta upon Concreta », _Philosophia Scientiæ_ [En
ligne], 12-1 | 2008, mis en ligne le 01 avril 2011, consulté le 08
novembre 2018. URL :
http://journals.openedition.org/philosophiascientiae/208 ; DOI :

   Rafal Urbaniak, "Some Problems with the Leśniewskian foundations of
mathematics", http://www.ucalgary.ca/~rzach/static/banff/urbaniak.pdf 

   John Wigglesworth , "Metaphysical Dependence and Set Theory",
https://academicworks.cuny.edu/gc_etds/1697/  . 

                       With respect 

                     Łukasz T. Stępień


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On 2018-11-06 19:34, dorin alex wrote:

> Lord !
> Where to read about set theory with the negation of the existence of an empty set? 
> With respect
> Alexander A. Dorin
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