[FOM] New website about Logic PhDs

jean-yves beziau beziau100 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 08:13:23 EDT 2018

I have recently launched a new website about Logic PhDs
with information about
- past Logic PhDs -- list in construction
- forthcoming Logic PhDs --  I have indicated the defense of one of my
students that will take place this week in Rio
- events, in particular the series PhDs in Logic -- the 10th edition will
take place in Prague  next May
- books, in particular the book series Logic PhDs I am managing at College
Publications, a first volume has already been released, it is Haskell
Curry's PhD, translated and  presented by Jonathan Seldin  and Fairouz
You are welcome to send information, in particular announcing future
defenses to
logic-phds at logica-universalis.org
Best Wishes
Jean-Yves Beziau
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