[FOM] Universal Logic School 2018 - Poster Session

jean-yves beziau beziau100 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 05:23:35 EST 2018

During the Universal Logic School, June 16-20, 2018
we are organizing a poster session for students and young researchers
(post-docs) .

A good opportunity  to interact. It is a way to:
- present what you are doing and/or what you want to do
- to receive feedback and counselling from advanced researchers
- to know what other people are doing

If your poster is selected for presentation at the Universal Logic School
you should register at the school but
we will  waive for you the fee for the congress.
Moreover the three best posters will be selected for  presentation during
the congress, June 21-26.

If you are interested send your poster  before March 15 to
vichy at uni-log.org
The size of the poster should be  100 cm X 140 cm / 40 inches X 55 inches

Jean-Yves Beziau and Christophe Rey
Chairs of the Organizing Committee - UNILOG'2018
U N I L O G  -  World Congress and School on Universal Logic -  U N I L O G
Montreux 2005, Xi'an 2007, Lisbon 2010, Rio 2013, Istanbul 2015, Vichy 2018
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