[FOM] Ivan Varzinczak, winner of the universal logic prize at UNILOG'2018

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Wed Jun 27 04:35:07 EDT 2018

One of the highlights of UNILOG'2018 in Vichy was the contest Logic Prizes
with 9 winners of logic prizes from 9 countries.
Each of them had 30mn to present his work facing a jury of 7 logicians.
The jury then decided who was the best of them to whom the universal logic
prize was attributed.
The winner was announced by the president of the jury, Göran Sundholm,
during the banquet:
It is  Ivan Varzinczak, winner  of the Louis Couturat Logic Prize (France).
As a winner he will be in particular invited speaker at the next UNILOG.
The papers of the 9 winners will be published in a special issue of Logica
For the next UNILOG, additionally to the 9 prizes recently created, we
expect to have at least 6 more countries, reaching 15 prizes.
People interested to create a logic prize in a given country can write to:
prizes at logica-universalis.org
Jean-Yves Beziau
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