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There is a new manuscript on site:


  106. Everybody’s Mathematics – Maximal Emulation Stability, 12
pages, June 5, 2018. Focuses on MES, the lead statement in Emulation
Theory. Presents finite solitaire games as explicitly Pi01 forms, and
their prospective use for the confirmation of the consistency of
mathematics. Also see Downloadable Lecture Notes #69 for the slides
from the recent talk rolling out Maximal Emulation Stability.


Abstract. MES is Maximal Emulation Stability, the lead statement in
the new Emulation Theory. MES asserts that every finite subset of
Q[0,k]^k has a stable maximal emulator. MES is sufficiently natural,
transparent, concrete, elementary, interesting, memorable, teachable,
rich in varied intricate examples, and rich in weaker and stronger
forms, that it merits being classified in the category of Everybody's
Mathematics. MES is readily seen, via Goedel's Completeness Theorem, to
be implicitly Pi01. MES is independent of the usual ZFC axioms for
mathematics, and is actually equivalent to Con(SRP) over WKL_0. We
also discuss GMES = General Maximal Emulation Stability, a natural
generalization, with the same metamathematical properties. We conclude
with explicitly Pi01 forms in the shape of playable solitaire games.
We argue that winning these games can be construed as confirmation of
the consistency of mathematics.

1. Introduction.
2. Maximal Emulation Stability (MES).
3. Emulation Variants.
4. Stability Variants.
5. General MES.
6. Finite Solitaire Games.
7. Confirming Consistency of Mathematics.
8. Formal Systems Used.
9. References.

Sections 6,7 in the above paper contains a new approach to Explicitly
Pi01 Forms via deliciously simple Solitaire Games that can be actually
played, and used to Confirm the Consistency of Mathematics (arguably).
This could lead to a really serious Application of SAT to Consistency
of Mathematics.

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