[FOM] Conference in honor of Ken Manders

Jeremy Avigad avigad at cmu.edu
Fri Jun 1 11:35:58 EDT 2018


The Philosophy Department at the University of Pittsburgh will host a one
day conference at the University Club  in honor of Ken Manders’s
contributions to the History and Philosophy of Mathematics on November 10,

The scheduled list of speakers is:

Karine Chemla (Paris)
Marco Panza (Paris)
Josh Hunt (Ann Arbor)
Paolo Mancosu (Berkeley)
Becky Morris (Stanford)
Mary Domski (New Mexico)
Jeremy Heis (Irvine)

Details to follow.  All events are open to the public, but please notify
Kathleen Labuda (kathleenlabuda at pitt.edu) if you plan to attend.

For the organizing committee:

Jeremy Avigad (CMU)
Jeremy Heis (Irvine)
Mark Wilson (Pittsburgh)
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