[FOM] Final Call for Papers for: International Workshop on Classical Logic and Computation (CL&C'18) in Oxford - satellite workshop of FSCD 2018 (former TLCA + RTA)

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CL&C 2018: Classical Logic and Computation 2018 (Seventh of the series CL&C)
Oxford, UK, July 7, 2018
Conference website     http://www.di.unito.it/~stefano/CL&C/CL&C18.htm
Submission link     https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=clc2018
Submission deadline     March 19, 2018

This year, CL&C will be held as a satellite workshop of FSCD 2018 (former
TLCA + RTA), see: http://www.cs.le.ac.uk/events/fscd2018/ . CL&C is focused
on the interplay between, on one side, the exploration of the computational
content of classical mathematical proofs, and on the other side, the
languages and the semantical models proposed in computer science for this
task: continuations, game models, denotational models, learning models and
so forth. The scientific aim of this workshop is to bring together
researchers from both proof theory and computer science and to exchange

Invited Speaker: we are pleased to announce that Alex Simpson accepted to
be the invited speaker.

Submission Guidelines

There are two kind of submission: original papers not simultaneously
submitted to another journal or conferences, and short talk, not intended
for publication, for which multiple submissions are welcome. For a short
talk, just submit the abstract.

The following paper categories are welcome:

    version of lambda calculi adapted to represent classical logic;
    design of programming languages inspired by classical logic;
    cut-elimination for classical systems;
    proof representation for classical logic;
    translations of classical to intuitionistic proofs;
    constructive interpretation of non-constructive principles;
    witness extraction from classical proofs;
    constructive semantics for classical logic (e.g. game semantics,
classical realization);
    case studies (for any of the previous points).

Proceedings will appear on EPTCS. We have room for informal talks, too.
Therefore participants are encouraged to present: work in progress,
overviews of more extensive work, and programmatic position papers. All
submitted papers will be reviewed to normal standards. The PC recognises
two kinds of papers: it will distinguish between accepted (full) papers
that contain unpublished results not submitted elsewhere, which we publish
on EPTCS, and presentations of (short) papers about work in progress or
overview of papers published elsewhere. In order to make a submission:

    Format your file using the EPTCS guidelines; there is a 15 page limit.
    Use the submission instructions at:
https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=clc2018 .

Here are the important dates:

Paper submission: March, 19 2018
Notification: May, 15 2018
Final version due: May, 30 2018, 2018
Workshop date: July, 7, 2018

Chair: Alexandre Miquel. PC: Bahareh Afshari, Federico Aschieri, Stefan
Hetzl, Christophe Raffalli, Helmut Schwichtenberg.
Steering committee: Stefano Berardi (term ending in 2018), Steffen Van Bakel


All questions about submissions should be emailed to stefano berardi:
stefano at di.unito.it.
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