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[with our apologies in case you receive multiple copies of this CFP]

LSFA 2019
14th Workshop on Logical and Semantic Frameworks, with Applications
24-26 August 2019, Natal, Brazil

Logical and semantic frameworks are formal languages used to represent
logics, languages and systems. These frameworks provide foundations
for the formal specification of systems and programming languages,
supporting tool development and reasoning.

LSFA 2019 will be a satellite event of CADE-27, which will be held in
Natal, Brazil, 25-30 August 2019 (https://www.mat.ufrn.br/cade-27/).
Previous editions of LSFA took place in Fortaleza (2018), Brasília
(2017, collocated with Tableaux+FroCoS+ITP), Porto (2016), Natal
(2015), Brasília (2014), São Paulo (2013), Rio de Janeiro (2012), Belo
Horizonte (2011), Natal (2010), Brasília (2009), Salvador (2008), Ouro
Preto (2007), and Natal (2006). See http://lsfa.cic.unb.br for more


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

* Specification languages and meta-languages
* Formal semantics of languages and logical systems
* Logical frameworks
* Semantic frameworks
* Type theory
* Proof theory
* Automated deduction
* Implementation of logical or semantic frameworks
* Applications of logical or semantic frameworks
* Computational and logical properties of semantic frameworks
* Logical aspects of computational complexity
* Lambda and combinatory calculi
* Process calculi


Contributions should be written in English and submitted in the form
of full papers with a maximum of 13 pages including references. Beyond
full regular papers, we encourage submissions such as proof pearls,
rough diamonds (preliminary results and work in progress), original
surveys, or overviews of research projects, where the focus is more on
elegance and dissemination than on novelty. Papers belonging to this
second category are expected to be short, that is, of a maximum of 6
pages including references.

For both paper categories, additional technical material can be
provided in a clearly marked appendix which will be read by reviewers
at their discretion. Contributions must also be unpublished and not
submitted simultaneously for publication elsewhere.

The papers should be prepared in LaTeX using the generic ENTCS package
(http://www.entcs.org/prelim.html). The submission should be in the
form of a PDF file uploaded to Easychair:


All accepted papers will be available online during the workshop; full
papers will be published on the occasion or shortly thereafter, and
short papers will be collected in an informal volume. At least one of
the authors should register for the workshop. All authors of accepted
papers will be invited at a later stage to submit extended versions of
their papers to a special journal issue. Previous LSFA special issues
have been published in journals such as Log J IGPL and TCS (see

* Submission deadline: April 19
* Notification to authors: May 24
* Informal proceedings version due: June 21
* LSFA 2019: August 24-26

* Pascal Fontaine, LORIA
* Achim Jung, University of Birmingham
* Vivek Nigam, Fortiss
* Elaine Pimentel, UFRN
* Giselle Reis, CMU-Qatar

* Amy Felty, University of Ottawa (chair)
* João Marcos, UFRN (chair)

* Beniamino  Accattoli, INRIA Saclay
* Sandra Alves, University of Porto
* Mario Benevides, UFRJ
* Ana Bove, Chalmers
* Marco Cerami, UFBA
* Valeria de Paiva, Nuance Communications
* Maribel Fernandez, King's College London
* Francicleber Ferreira, UFC
* Erich Grädel, RWTH Aachen
* Edward Hermann Haeusler, PUC-Rio
* Oleg Kiselyov, Tohoku University
* Björn Lellmann, TU Wien
* Bruno Lopes, UFF
* Favio Miranda-Perea, UNAM
* Alberto Momigliano, University of Milano
* Daniele Nantes, UnB
* Pedro Quaresma, University of Coimbra
* Florian Rabe, LRI Paris
* Alexandre Rademaker, IBM-Brazil
* Umberto Rivieccio, UFRN
* Camilo Rocha, PUJ
* Matthieu Sozeau, IRIF
* Nora Szasz, Universidad ORT
* Ivan Varzinczak, Université d’Artois
* Daniel Ventura, UFG
* Anna Zamansky, University of Haifa

* Carlos Olarte, UFRN

* lsfa2019 at easychair.org

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