[FOM] University of Luxembourg - 2 PhD positions in "Security and privacy of resource constrained devices" and "Risk analysis and regulatory compliance of DLTs for transaction and management of securities"

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The Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust of the University of Luxembourg has obtained a large grant from the European Union devoted to funding two PhD positions: 
PhD position #1:
Title: Security and privacy of resource constrained devices
Objectives: Recent hackers' attacks have shown the vulnerability of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices due to their limited computing power. Given also their ubiquitous presence, lower costs and limitations in keeping security measures up to date, they represent a growing risk for the security of IT infrastructures.
Expected Results:
1. Analysis of the weaknesses of resources bounded IoT devices.
2. Analysis of legal frameworks regulating IoT security
3. Security framework and best practices for resource-constrained devices
PhD position #2:
Title: Risk analysis and regulatory compliance of distributed ledger technologies for transaction and management of securities
Objectives: Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) are fairly new. An in-depth risk analysis is therefore needed. The aim of this research track is to provide a comprehensive account of the risks associated with the use of DLTs in transacting and managing securities. The research will assess the risks, advantages and drawbacks of DLTs in this specific domain in comparison with other existing technologies for managing and transacting with securities.
Expected Results:
1. Identify pitfalls, security problems and vulnerabilities of DLTs systems
2. Compare existing platforms of security management with new DLTs systems
3. Asses the advantages (if any) and the feasibility of building a DLT architecture for managing securities
 Candidates interested in one of the two PhD positions should communicate their interest to Réka Markovich (reka.markovich at uni.lu) and Livio Robaldo (livio.robaldo at uni.lu). The full CV of the candidate must be sent in an attachment. Candidates will then have to prepare a 3-page document describing their PhD project proposal. 
More information may be found at:  http://www.luxli.lu/2018/11/02/two-phd-positions-at-the-university-of-luxembourg/
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