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> I like to very shortly explain the finitistic approach of Lavine and
> Mycielski, since I think that it is not well known and I also think that it
> is interesting.
>  [...]
 (I don’t like the word “potential infinite”, since it suggests that it is
> a kind of infinity).

Thank you for explaining and calling attention to the ideas of Mycielski
and Lavine.  I am interested in but not very familiar with these ideas.

Some possibly relevant publications of mine are: "Partial realizations of
Hilbert's Program," "Toward objectivity in mathematics," "An objective
justification for actual infinity?," and recently "Foundations of
mathematics: an optimistic message."  These papers touch on certain aspects
of reverse mathematics which provide grounds for optimism.

As regards terminology, I prefer "potential infinity" to "indefinitely
large finite set," because it seems to me that the latter phrase is
confusing and misleading.  I view potential infinity as a species of
infinity, not as a species of finiteness.  In my view, a potential infinity
-- e.g., the revolutions of the earth around the sun -- should not be
regarded as finite (i.e., as a completed finite totality), nor should it be
regarded as an actual infinity (i.e., as a completed infinite totality).
In order to understand the real world, we need the concept of potential
infinity.  These distinctions go back to Books M and N of Aristotle's

Now that I think of it, my example of the earth revolving around the sun
seems especially timely.  Happy New Year!

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