[FOM] Gradation of truth and its algebraic foundations

Patrik Eklund peklund at cs.umu.se
Mon Aug 20 01:51:14 EDT 2018

A number of postings apparently aim to draw attention to uncertainty and 
operation related with uncertainty.

When discussion gradation of truth and uncertanties more formally, and 
the algebraic foundations of it in particular, as e.g. for the purpose 
of logical constructions, you may find this book interesting:


It's been out since June this year.

This is the source which has been underlying my comments and postings at 
FOM e.g. on many-valuedness, both its foundations as well as its 

Roughly it can be seen to implicitly include an indication about how 
"logic over set theory (category of sets and functions)" can only be so 
and so, whereas "logic over monoidal categories" provides enrichment. 
 From application point of view, there is a brief section also about what 
might happen in the case of computation (automata) when we see it in 
light of modules.



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