[FOM] FW: Sad news

Kreinovich, Vladik vladik at utep.edu
Sun Aug 12 15:17:40 EDT 2018

Dear Friends, 

I have just learned that Nikolai Kossovksi, Professor of St. Petersburg University, a specialist in logic and constructive mathematics, died in St. Petersburg on August 12, at the age of 74. 

His 1960s PhD dissertation was on constructivization of probability theory. He proved many interesting results including several constructive versions of large number theorem and of limit theorems. His PhD advisor was Nikolai Shanin, one of the leaders of the Russian School of Constructive Mathematics. 

Later, he also got interested in computational complexity of different logical theories. For example, his paper on Computational complexity of quantifier-free negationless theory of field of rational numbers appeared in Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 113 (1-3):175-180 (2001)

He was a very good friend to many of us, and he was a passionate and devoted teacher to us, his younger friends. 

We miss him. 

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