[FOM] A position for a PhD student in the project “Sequent and tableau-based systems for non-classical logics”

Michał Zawidzki michal.zawidzki at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 07:46:49 EDT 2018

We are looking for a highly motivated PhD student to work in the
project “Sequent and tableau-based systems for non-classical logics”.
The duration of the project is 33 months. A monthly stipend of 2500
PLN is attached to the position. Research in the project will be
conducted under the supervision of prof. Andrzej Indrzejczak in the
Department of Logic and Methodology of Science at the University of
Łódź, Poland.


A (non-exhaustive) list of topics of interest comprises the following:

- sequent calculi for temporal and other non-classical logics
- tableau-calculi for logics with cardinality constraints and other
non-classical logics
- decision procedures for various logics
- computational complexity and proof complexity of various logics.


- Participating actively in research conducted by other team members
- preparing papers for publication and/or presentation at domestic
and/or international conferences
- conducting case studies, i.e., applying general methodology of
devising tableau/sequent calculi to concrete logics
- (optionally) implementing concrete sequent and tableau-based
decision procedures as automated provers.



A successful candidate
- holds Bachelor's/Master's degree in philosophy/mathematics/cognitive
science or related discipline (involving logic);
- is a PhD student in his/her first or second year of studies (logic
or related discipline) or is going to obtain this status by October,
3rd, 2018;
- betrays extensive interest in logic and has good background in this
- has experience in delivering talks at conferences and writing
scientific papers and submitting them for publication;
- has good command of English;
- has very strong motivation for scientific work;
- is ready for full involvement in the project, consisting in regular
meetings with other members of the project and regular reporting on
the progress of work to the PI.


- Publication record in logic-related topics;
- Experience in publishing/delivering talks at conferences in English;
- Programming skills;
- Some background in theoretical computer science (computational
complexity, proof complexity);
- Working knowledge of LaTeX.


Applications should be send by email to the Principal Investigator of
the project, prof. Andrzej Indrzejczak (indrzej at filozof.uni.lodz.pl),
no later than on October, 3rd, 2018, 20:00, and titled “Application,
position for a PhD student”. Candidates should attach the following

- academic CV (including information on scientific interests, list of
publications and conference talks etc.)
- cover letter
- sample of writing (a scientific article, an excerpt from a
bachelor’s/master’s dissertation etc.) in English or Polish
- reference contact list (with email addresses and optionally phone
numbers); at least one contact is mandatory.

Any queries should be directed to prof. Andrzej Indrzejczak
(indrzej at filozof.uni.lodz.pl).

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