[FOM] A question about AC in constructive mathematics

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I think Andrej Bauer's MathOverflow answer (to essentially this question) does a good job of clarifying this:

https://mathoverflow.net/a/260473 <https://mathoverflow.net/a/260473>

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> Recently I came across a theorem (and a proof) that AC implies the law of excluded middle in constructive mathematics, implying that AC should be rejected by intuitionists. I was surprised, since AC seems to me to be valid according to the BHK interpretation of the logical constants, and is a indeed a theorem in Martin-Lö's intuitionistic type theoy.  Also Bishop wrote in his book that AC is valid from a constructive point of view.
> I'll be very grateful if one of the specialists here on FOM clarifies this issue for me.
> Thanks,
> Arnon Avron
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