[FOM] Proof-Theoretic Semantics, Tuebingen, 27-30 March 2019

Peter Schroeder-Heister psh at informatik.uni-tuebingen.de
Wed Apr 25 12:37:03 EDT 2018

Proof-Theoretic Semantics: Assessment and Future Perspectives
Third Tübingen Conference on Proof-Theoretic Semantics

27–30 March 2019 in Tübingen, Germany


Confirmed invited speakers:

Patrizio Contu (Zürich)
Valeria de Paiva (Cupertino, CA)
Roy Dyckhoff (St Andrews)
Nissim Francez (Haifa)
Lars Hallnäs (Borås)
Gerhard Jäger (Bern)
Reinhard Kahle (Lisbon)
F. William Lawvere (Buffalo, NY)
Per Martin-Löf (Stockholm)
Dale Miller (Palaiseau)
Sara Negri (Helsinki)
Luiz Carlos Pereira (Rio de Janeiro)
Francesca Poggiolesi (Paris)
Dag Prawitz (Stockholm)
Phil Scott (Ottawa)
Göran Sundholm (Leiden)
William W. Tait (Chicago)
Neil Tennant (Columbus, OH)
Jan von Plato (Helsinki)
Heinrich Wansing (Bochum)

A call for contributed papers will be issued at a later stage.

Organized by Peter Schroeder-Heister and Thomas Piecha

Peter Schroeder-Heister & Thomas Piecha
Department of Computer Science
University of Tuebingen

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