[FOM] "The Significance of the New Logic": "O Sentido da Nova Lógica" (W.V.O. Quine, 1942) now available in English

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Tue Apr 17 23:01:25 EDT 2018

Dear FOMers:

I´m glad to tell that finally, after 74 years, a classic  book by
Quine  in Portuguese has now an English edition.
"The Significance of the New Logic",  English version of "O Sentido da
Nova Lógica"
written by Willard Van Orman Quine in Brazil in 1942, will be available soon.

The Significance of the New Logic
Edited and translated by Walter Carnielli, Frederique Janssen-Lauret
and William Pickering,
Cambridge University Press
Expected online publication date: April 2018
Print publication year: 2018
Online ISBN: 9781316831809

 Book description:

 W. V. Quine was one of the most influential figures of
twentieth-century American analytic philosophy. Although he wrote
predominantly in English, in Brazil in 1942 he gave a series of
lectures on logic and its philosophy in Portuguese, subsequently
published as the book "O Sentido da Nova Lógica". The book has never
before been fully translated into English, and this volume is the
first to make its content accessible to Anglophone philosophers. Quine
would go on to develop revolutionary ideas about semantic holism and
ontology, and this book provides a snapshot of his views on logic and
language at a pivotal stage of his intellectual development. The
volume also includes an essay on logic which Quine also published in
Portuguese, together with an extensive historical-philosophical essay
by Frederique Janssen-Lauret. The valuable and previously neglected
works first translated in this volume will be essential for scholars
of twentieth-century philosophy.



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