[FOM] 6th School on Universal Logic - Vichy, June 16-20, 2018

jean-yves beziau beziau100 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 04:32:58 EDT 2018

In exactly two months will start in Vichy, France the
6th School on Universal Logic

This is a 5-day school with 30 tutorials on all aspects of logic
(historical, philosophical, mathematical, computational)
given by scholars from all over the world.
The school will start by a round table "why study logic?" and will end with
a round table "how to publish?"
There also will be a poster session and the school will be followed by a
6-day congress.

U N I L O G -  World Congress and School on Universal Logic - U N I LO G
Montreux 2005, Xi'an 2007, Lisbon 2010, Rio 2013, Istanbul 2015, Vichy 2018
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