[FOM] FOM Godel's Princeton Notes

Martin Davis martin at eipye.com
Sun Apr 1 20:57:31 EDT 2018

Daniel Schwartz wrote inquiring about availability of:

>"Godel, Kurt, 1934, On undecideable propositions of formal mathematical
>systems. Notes by S.C. Kleene and Barkley Rosser on lectures at the
>Institute for Advanced Study, 1934. Mimeographed, Princeton, N.J., 30 pp."

These were published in my anthology "The Undecidable" in 1965 with
additional notes supplied by Gödel. The book has been reprinted by Dover
and should be easy to find. Of course the notes are also in Gödel's
Collected Works, Sol Feferman et al eds. (vol. I, pp. 346-367).

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