[FOM] Godel's Princeton lectures

Daniel Schwartz schwartz at cs.fsu.edu
Sun Apr 1 11:28:40 EDT 2018

Would Martin Davis or anyone else on this list know about this?

In Kleene's 1936 paper "Recursive functions of natural numbers", reprinted
in Davis' "The Undecidable", he says this paper is based on some lectures
given by Godel at Princeton in 1934.

Also, in Kleene's book "Introduction to Metamathematics" he makes the
explicit reference:

"Godel, Kurt, 1934, On undecideable propositions of formal mathematical
systems. Notes by S.C. Kleene and Barkley Rosser on lectures at the
Institute for Advanced Study, 1934. Mimeographed, Princeton, N.J., 30 pp."

Have these lecture notes ever been published?  Would anyone know where to
get a copy?


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