[FOM] NIM Challenges

Rempe-Gillen, Lasse L.Rempe at liverpool.ac.uk
Sat Oct 7 21:00:04 EDT 2017

Walt Read wrote:
"For example, musicians regularly work at level 0. Someone presents a description (e.g., score) of the sounds they want from an instrument and the musician, through activation of neurons in memory, executive function, sensory-motor cortex, etc. produces those sounds.
Such a person would certainly be considered a real musician."

At the risk of diverting the conversation wildly off-topic, I don't believe that this encapsulates at all what one would consider a "real" (professional, or even talented amateur) musician. Musicians have to interrogate and interpret the score all the time; there is far more variability and nuance to a performance than can be captured in what is written. Otherwise all recordings of the same score should sound the same. 

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