[FOM] Vladimir Voevodsky Dies at 51

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The Institute for Advanced Study is deeply saddened by the passing of
Vladimir Voevodsky, Professor in the School of Mathematics.

Voevodsky, a truly extraordinary and original mathematician, made many
contributions to the field of mathematics, earning him numerous honors and
awards, including the Fields Medal.

Celebrated for tackling the most difficult problems in abstract algebraic
geometry, Voevodsky focused on the homotopy theory of schemes, algebraic
K-theory, and interrelations between algebraic geometry, and algebraic
topology. He made one of the most outstanding advances in algebraic
geometry in the past few decades by developing new cohomology theories for
algebraic varieties. Among the consequences of his work are the solutions
of the Milnor and Bloch-Kato Conjectures.

More recently he became interested in type-theoretic formalizations of
mathematics and automated proof verification. He was working on new
foundations of mathematics based on homotopy-theoretic semantics of
Martin-Löf type theories. His new "Univalence Axiom" has had a dramatic
impact in both mathematics and computer science.
A gathering to celebrate Voevodsky’s life and legacy is being planned and
more information will be available soon.
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