[FOM] Survey question 4: valid sentence vrs valid argument

John Baldwin jbaldwin at uic.edu
Mon May 22 12:00:30 EDT 2017

Survey question 4: valid sentence vrs valid argument
Here there were  4 response of specialized, 4 unknown and 7 distinct

I didn't actually know how to word this. The problem actually arose in
googling `valid'. Some responses
speak of valid argument and some of valid sentence.  Few recognizes that
the other usage of valid exists.

I now repeat the background parameters.

whether certain distinction between pairs of terms were archaic,
specialized or unknown to the respondent.

I deliberately gave no explanation of context and this sometimes
resulted in quite different rationales for the answers.

Given the loose phrasing of the question there were many different
responses to some the pairs.  I primarily report numbers that give
insight about the community's understanding.

Since I think fom posts should be short, I will report the responses
to each question in a different post over the next week.
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