[FOM] AFM 2017 call for registration

Sam Owre owre at csl.sri.com
Sun May 7 20:04:15 EDT 2017

Registration is open for AFM 2017 (http://fm.csl.sri.com/AFM17).  AFM has
a workshop on May 19 at SRI International, and a day of tutorials on May
20 at Menlo College.  The cost of registration is $50 a day (+ 3% for
credit card payments). Note that we do not have hotel
arrangements. Breakfast, lunch, and breaks are included.  Payment will be
accepted at the meetings.

The sixth Automated Formal Methods (AFM) workshop will be held during May
19-20, 2017, at SRI International and Menlo College in Menlo Park.  The
earlier workshops were AFM06, AFM07, AFM08, AFM09, and AFM10.  The 2017
workshop immediately follows the NASA Formal Methods (NFM) 2017 symposium.
It consists of both invited talks and contributed papers on May 19, and
tutorials covering recent progress in tools such as PVS,
SAL/SALLY/HybridSAL, Yices, SeaHorn, Radler, and Bixie.  AFM functions
both as a user's meeting for SRI's tools such as PVS, SAL, and Yices, and
as a workshop for those interested in state of the art automation for
formal methods generally.

Workshop Description

AFM is a workshop centered around the use and integration of
highly automated formal verification tools for specification,
interactive theorem proving, satisfiability (SAT) and satisfiability
modulo theories (SMT), model checking, program verification, static
analysis, runtime verification, code generation, and testing, as well
as interfaces, documentation, and education.

This workshop was originally initiated as a users' group meeting for
the SRI formal verification tools, which now include PVS, SAL,
HybridSAL, SALLY, Yices, NL-Yices, Joogie, Bixie, and SeaHorn,
together with technologies under development, such as ARSENAL, Radler,
Occam, PCE, and ETB.  However, topics are not restricted to these tools:
we welcome contributions on all aspects of state of the art automation.
The proceedings of the workshop will be published through the ACM
Digital Library.

Workshop Program

The program includes contributed papers and invited talks selected by
the international program committee on May 19, and a series of tutorials on
May 20, 2017.

Program Committee

Saddek Bensalem (Verimag)
Matthew Bolton (Buffalo)
Maria Paola Bonacina (Verona)
Alessandro Coglio (Kestrel Institute)
Bruno Dutertre (SRI, co-Chair)
Leonard Gerard (SRI)
Stephane Graham-Lengrand (Ecole Polytechnique)
Arie Gurfinkel (U. of Waterloo)
Liana Hadarean (Synopsys)
Ben Hocking (Dependable Computing)
Susmit Jha (SRI)
Dejan Jovanovic (SRI)
Temesghen Kahsai (CMU West)
Aditya Kanade (IISc, Bangalore)
Wenchao Li (Boston University)
Paolo Masci (Queen Mary)
Mariano Moscato (NIA)
Cesar Munoz (NASA Langley)
Anitha Murugesan (Honeywell Research)
Jorge Navas (SRI)
Natasha Neogi (NIA)
Sam Owre (SRI)
Lee Pike (Galois)
Elvinia Riccobene (Milan)
Kristin Rozier (Iowa)
John Rushby (SRI)
Martin Schaef (SRI)
Natarajan Shankar (SRI, co-Chair)
Wilfried Steiner (TTTech)
Ashish Tiwari (SRI)
Alan Wassyng (McMaster University)

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