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I thought this would be useful to some readers of FOM.

Swansea University in the UK has opportunities for people active in logic and theoretical computer science.

Swansea University is intensifying its investments in Computer Science. It wishes to expand the scale, relevance and intellectual diversity of the subject.  To this end the University has available

9 permanent academic posts at the rank of lecturer, senior lecturer and associate professor.

Some of these posts are directed at particular areas (see below) but for five positions the research focus can be in any area of Computer Science. The posts can enhance existing areas, or bring in new areas that resonate with the Department.

Currently the Department’s expertise is in Theoretical Computer Science, as well as Graphics and Visualization and Human-Computer Interaction. In recent years, we have developed research and scholarship in Data Science, Security, High Performance Computing, and History of Computing.

The Department would welcome applications from early career academics with a developing portfolio of research interests that that they believe have the potential to play a significant role in the future development of the discipline.  Exceptional applicants with a more developed academic portfolio may be appointed to a higher grade.

More information on these positions can be found following the links to the University's web site:

4 Lecturers in Computer Science (Research) - http://www.swansea.ac.uk/personnel/jobs/details.php?nPostingId=4537&nPostingTargetId=7579&id=QHUFK026203F3VBQB7VLO8NXD&LG=UK&mask=suextThe<http://www.swansea.ac.uk/personnel/jobs/details.php?nPostingID=4537&nPostingTargetID=7579&option=52&sort=DESC&respnr=1&ID=QHUFK026203F3VBQB7VLO8NXD&LOV4=7813&JOBADLG=UK&Resultsperpage=20&lg=UK&mask=suext>

1 Senior Lecturer (Teaching) - http://www.swansea.ac.uk/personnel/jobs/details.php?nPostingID=4526&nPostingTargetID=7564&option=52&sort=DESC&respnr=1&ID=QHUFK026203F3VBQB7VLO8NXD&LOV5=7978&JOBADLG=UK&Resultsperpage=20&lg=UK&mask=suext

The University is also creating a new 7500m^2 building to house Computer Science and Mathematics under a programme called the Computational Foundry:


The new building is on Swansea University's recently opened £450M Bay Campus:


The websites invite informal contact with the Head of Department, Arnold Beckmann, who many will know through CIE:

a.beckmann at swansea.ac.uk

You are also welcome to contact me.


Some Extra Background ....

UK Computer Science is very strong in global terms and is a magnet for outstanding staff and students. The Computer Science Department at Swansea University is highly ranked for both teaching and research: The Times Good University Guide 2017 placed it 12th in the UK and 1st in Wales; the National Student Survey 2016 ranked it as 7th in the UK with 95% overall satisfaction, and 1st in Wales; and in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 it was ranked 18th in the UK and 1st in Wales.

Based on these successes, Computer Science at Swansea University has embarked on a £31M programme of work – the Computational Foundry – to make Swansea a beacon for Computer Science, that attracts and retains excellent researchers, and builds up a large base of scientific, technological and scholarly talent. This call for 9 permanent academic positions is part of this expansion programme.  The Department will be moving into the Computational Foundry building on Bay Campus in August 2018. This building comprises nearly 7,500 m2 of purpose built Computer Science facilities and includes extensive up to date research and teaching laboratories and spaces. The Department has longstanding major projects in engaging with business, education and civic society. Currently, our Technocamps Unit is a driving force for educational reform in computing in Wales. The Department is the driving force behind the University's History of Computing Collection. We provide industrial education. The Department has recently been selected as the home for one of the UK’s Digital Economy Centres.

The other four directed posts are:
2 Lecturers HCI (Research) - https://tinyurl.com/swansea-cs-lecturer-hci<http://www.swansea.ac.uk/personnel/jobs/details.php?nPostingID=4534&nPostingTargetID=7575&option=52&sort=DESC&respnr=1&ID=QHUFK026203F3VBQB7VLO8NXD&LOV4=7813&JOBADLG=UK&Resultsperpage=20&lg=UK&mask=suext>
1 Associate Professor (Cyber Security) – Research - https://tinyurl.com/swansea-cs-ap-cyber-security<http://www.swansea.ac.uk/personnel/jobs/details.php?nPostingID=4531&nPostingTargetID=7570&option=52&sort=DESC&respnr=1&ID=QHUFK026203F3VBQB7VLO8NXD&LOV4=7813&JOBADLG=UK&Resultsperpage=20&lg=UK&mask=suext>
1 Lecturer (Dependable Systems) – Research - https://tinyurl.com/swansea-cs-lecturer-dependable<http://www.swansea.ac.uk/personnel/jobs/details.php?nPostingID=4525&nPostingTargetID=7566&option=52&sort=DESC&respnr=1&ID=QHUFK026203F3VBQB7VLO8NXD&LOV4=7813&JOBADLG=UK&Resultsperpage=20&lg=UK&mask=suext>
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