[FOM] SD '17 CfPart: Structures & Deduction, Oxford 8-9 Sep. (early reg: 6 Aug)

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Thu Jul 27 07:51:52 EDT 2017

*** Call for participation: Structures and Deduction 2017 ***

SD17: 4th Int. Workshop on Structures and Deduction 2017

Oxford, 8-9 September 2017 --- Affiliated with FSCD 2017

**Early registration deadline**: **6 August**

   Workshop page:    http://www.anupamdas.com/sd17/
   FSCD 2017 page:   http://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/conferences/fscd2017/

SD17 is the fourth in a series of meetings that brings together
researchers in different areas of proof theory. The main
interest is in new algebraic and geometric results in proof
theory which expand our abilities to manipulate proofs, help to
reduce bureaucracy in deductive systems, and ultimately lead to
new methods for proof search and new kinds of proof

*** Topics of interest ***

* Syntactic representations of proofs
   (e.g. sequent calculi, deep inference, focussing)
* Combinatorial representations of proofs (e.g. proof nets)
* Algebraic representations of proofs
   (e.g. via game semantics or category theory)
* Methods for proof manipulation and normal forms of proofs
   (e.g. cut-elimination, proof compression)
* Proofs-as-programs, formulas-as-types interpretations
   (e.g. Curry-Howard correspondences, witness extraction)
* Computation and rewriting in proof search
   (e.g. deduction modulo or fixed point definitions)
* Complexity theoretic aspects of proof representations
   (e.g. decision procedures, proof complexity)

*** Invited speakers ***

   Bahareh Afshari
   David Baelde
   Stefano Berardi
   Claudia Nalon
   Michel Parigot

*** Contributed talks ***

   Anupam Das
   Ken Akiba
   Bahareh Afshari, Stefan Hetzl and Graham Leigh
   Dale Miller
   Aurore Alcolei, Pierre Clairambault, Martin Hyland and Glynn Winskel
   Susanne Bobzien and Roy Dyckhoff
   Guillaume Munch-Maccagnoni
   Sonia Marin. Intuitionistic modal logic in indexed nested sequents
   Marco Solieri and David R. Sherratt

*** Programme committee ***

   Andrea Aler Tubella
   James Brotherston
   Kaustuv Chaudhuri (co-chair)
   Anupam Das (co-chair)
   Willem Heijltjes (co-chair)
   Kenji Miyamoto
   Giselle Reis

*** Contact ***

We can be reached by email directly or via

   sd17 at easychair.org

The organisers.

Kaustuv Chaudhuri
Anupam Das
Willem Heijltjes

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