[FOM] Reference request for category-theoretic presentation of forcing

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The one back in my day was Blass-Scedrov, Freyd’s Models for  the Independence of  AC, AMS memoir, http://bookstore.ams.org/memo-79-404/.


A much more modern presentation, less tied to any considerations of set theory, and inclusive of constructive (i.e. intuitionistic) forcing, is Mac-Lane-Moerdijk, Sheaves in Geometry and Logic (Springer). 


Given the example you cite (about CH), I’d think the former book is more what you’re looking for. 


Bob Lubarsky


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Dear All,


A short reference request: I'm interested in the category-theoretic presentations of set-theoretic forcing (e.g. showing that ~CH is consistent with ZFC).


As someone with a reasonable knowledge of set theory (inner models and the forcing construction are certainly fine) and a basic knowledge of topos theory (subobject classifiers, algebras of subobjects, sheaves etc.) what's the best reference here? Would that be the Appendix to Bell's Boolean-Valued Models and Independence Proofs, or are there other references? I would like a little more detail on the wider implications of this way of cashing out the results, in particular how they relate to category theory/set theory more generally.


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