[FOM] CfP - Logic, Information, Language, Memory, Reasoning 2017 (LogInfoLangMR'17)

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Tue Jan 10 16:02:29 EST 2017

                        CALL FOR PAPERS

                      Special Session on
Logic, Information, Language, Memory, Reasoning 2017 (LogInfoLangMR’17)


14th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Artificial
Intelligence 2017 (DCAI'17)

             Polytechnic of Porto, Porto (Portugal)
                       June 21-23, 2017

            * Submission deadline: February 6, 2017 *

We are in the reality of systems that model human language, reasoning,
and use advanced techniques for saving and accessing information.
Prominently, computational processing of human language is an
interdisciplinary area of research and development of computerized
systems. In nature, relations between information, language,
reasoning, and memory have many, interdependent facets that can be
heterogeneous. Theories, applications, and technologies strive to meet
adequate treatment of natural phenomena of information, language, and
information exchange. Furthermore, integrated approaches from
mathematics and computer science provide support for reliable,
advanced, applications.

We welcome submissions of papers on the following topics, without
limiting to them, across theories, applications, methods, approaches,
and technologies:

- Logic for applications to language processing
- Classic and new theories of formal and natural languages
- Computational processing of natural language --- approaches,
theories, methods, computerized systems
- Computational morphology, syntax, semantics, and syntax-semantics interfaces
- Multilingual Processing
- Speech Processing
- Logic for reasoning systems --- theories and applications
- Logic in data science
- Information theories
- Integration of data and reasoning
- Models of computation
- Mathematics for linguistics and cognitive science
- Interdisciplinary approaches to computation, language, reasoning, memory, data
- Computational theories and applications in life sciences
- Computational neuroscience of information, language, memory, reasoning
- Computational aspects of information, languages, and memory in nature

Submission dates:      6th February, 2017
Notification date:    13th March, 2017
Paper ready deadline: 27th March, 2017
Conference dates:     21st-23rd June, 2017

DCAI Special Session papers must be formatted according to the
Springer LNCS Template, with a maximum length of 8 pages in length,
including figures and references. All proposed papers must be
submitted in electronic form (PDF format) using the Paper Submission

Accepted papers will be included in DCAI Proceedings. At least one of
the authors will be required to register and attend the symposium to
present the paper in order to include the paper in the conference
proceedings. All accepted papers will be published by Advances in
Intelligent Systems and Computing series of Springer Verlag. For more
details, see:

Roussanka Loukanova, Stockholm University, Sweden
Kristina Liefke, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany

Program Committee (PC):

The PC consists of experts in the topics of the event.

Roussanka Loukanova <rloukanova at gmail.com>
Kristina Liefke <Kristina.Liefke at lrz.uni-muenchen.de>

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