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Please post this opportunity on FOM.  Thank you.
--Joan Moschovakis

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Subject: Tenure track assistant professor positions at the University of
Groningen, NL
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Dear Madam,
I would be most grateful if you were so kind as to distribute the message
below via your network. The Rosalind Franklin Fellowship positions
advertised below are tenure track assistant professorship positions which
lead to full professorship in about 10 years. Please note that the Johann
Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics and Computer Sciences also has openings
for full professorships.
With the best wishes for joyful holidays and a happy 2017.
Petra Rudolf

Dear colleague,
To promote the participation of women in Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences
the University of Groningen offers a prestigious fellowship
programme, named after Rosalind Franklin, whose X-ray studies of DNA were
crucial to solving its structure. Five tenure track assistant
professorships are available in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural
Sciences. The positions will be awarded to outstanding
women scientists from the following disciplines:

   - Fundamental Computer Science (Data Management, Theory of Computing,
   Algorithms, Networks, Security)
   - Fundamental Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Analysis), Mathematical
   Data Analysis, Complex Systems
   - Mechanical Engineering (field of dynamics and vibrations,
   optomechatronics, or other fields relevant for advanced instrumentation)
   - Artificial Intelligence (logic, neuromorphic computing, cognitive
   modelling or robotics)
   - Bioinformatics (complex biological systems, genome analyses,
   metagenomics and microbiology, host-microbe biology, new computational
   algorithms and methods).

Deadline of application is 1 February, 2017.
For further information see
Would you please be so kind as to notify colleagues who might be
interested. Thank you for your help.
Best regards,
Petra Rudolf

*Prof. Dr. Petra Rudolf*
Director GSS

Graduate School of Science
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
University of Groningen

Bernoulliborg, room 407

Nijenborgh 9, 9747 AG Groningen, The Netherlands
T +31 50 363 4736 <+31%2050%20363%204736>


Mariëtte Holthof

m.h.holthof at rug.nl

T +31 50 363 7134
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