[FOM] Teach Yourself Logic 2017 Study Guide

Peter Smith ps218 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Jan 6 06:12:30 EST 2017

Just to announce that there is a new version of the Teach Yourself Logic 
Study Guide to mathematical logic textbooks. This is a 90pp pdf covering 
everything from just a step up from "baby logic" onwards to seriously 
advanced stuff -- student readers can select whatever bits are 

Last year's version was (rather startlingly) viewed over 50K times from 
my academia.edu page. So, imperfect and patchy though it may be, there 
seems to be some need for such a Guide! Hence please do spread the word 
to students.

You can get it, by preference, from my academia.edu page, direct link

It is also available from


Dr Peter Smith, University of Cambridge


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