[FOM] SLALM 2017: Submission Deadline EXTENDED to March 17, 2017

Veronica Becher vbecher at dc.uba.ar
Mon Feb 27 21:33:33 EST 2017

Dear FOM editors,

I would like to post the announcement of the Submission DeadlineExtension for SLALM  to March 17, 2017.
If you received already the  same request,  please ignore this one.
Thank you very much,

Verónica Becher
(in the role of Scientific committee  member of 17th Latin American Symposium on Mathematical Logic)


                                    DEADLINE EXTENSION: March 17, 2017

                                                    SLALM 2017
                        17th Latin American Symposium on Mathematical Logic
                                              June 26th-30th, 2017
                                                Puebla, Mexico      

Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL)
Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP)
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

Facultad de Ciencias Físico-Matemáticas, BUAP, Puebla, Mexico

The SLALM (Simposio Latinoamericano de Lógica Matemática) was conceived in the late 1960′s by Abraham Robinson, who at the time was President of the Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL).
The SLALM brings together the community of researchers in logic along Latin America and is nourished by important participations of researchers from around the world. It has grown thanks to the support of the ASL, as well as the local institutions that host the event.
It has been held in several countries all over Latin America, this time the ASL Committee for Latin America chose the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP) as the venue for the next Latin American Symposium of Logic. Therefore, the 17th SLALM (17th Latin American Symposium on Mathematical Logic) will take place in the beautiful city of PUEBLA, MEXICO, from June 26th to June 30th of 2017. The first two days of the meeting will be devoted to tutorials and the other three days to the plenary talks and the topic sessions. We invite you to be part of this important meeting.

Contributions are invited on all pertinent subjects. Abstract must not exceed 2 pages including references, please use the template available in the web page of the event (

It is expected that each accepted contribution be presented at the meeting by one of its authors. Abstracts must be submitted electronically at the SLALM 2017 EasyChair website. (Please go to https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=slalm2017 ) 

Abstracts should be submitted by Mar 17, 2017, and notifications are expected by Apr 7, 2017.

         * Model Theory
         * Set Theory
         * Computability
         * Proof Theory
         * Logic and Computer Science
         * Philosophy of Logic/ Philosophical Logic/ Non-Classical Logics

    1-CHRISTINA BRECH - Departamento de Matemática, Instituto de Matemática e Estatística Universidade de São Paulo (Brazil).
       Generalizing uniform families to the uncountable setting.
    2-PIERRE SIMON - Mathematics Department, University of California, Berkeley (United States).
       Measures, groups and the NIP condition.
    3-MARCELO FINGER - _Departamento de Ciência da Computação, Instituto de Matemática e Estatística, Universidade de São Paulo (Brazil).
       Quantitative Logic Reasoning.
    4-MARCELO CONIGLIO - Departamento de Filosofia, Instituto de Filosofia e Ciências Humanas, Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Brazil).
       Non-deterministc semantics for non-classical logics.

    1-ALEXANDER BERENSTEIN - Departamento de Matemáticas Universidad de los Andes (Colombia).
       Applications of Model Theory to Real Analysis.
    2-JORDI LOPEZ-ABAD - Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu-PRG, Université Paris 7 (France).
       The approximate Ramsey property of the finite dimensional normed spaces._
    3-DAMIR D. DZHAFAROV - Department of Mathematics University of Connecticut (United States).
       Computable combinatorics: the past, present, and future.
    4-GEORGE METCALFE - Mathematisches Institut, Universität Bern (Switzerland).
       Proof Surgery for Ordered Structures.
    5-CARLOS ARECES - Facultad de Matemática, Astronomía, Física y Computación, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina).
      Henkin Completeness in Modal Logic.
    6-FERNANDO ZALAMEA TRABA - Departamento de Matemáticas, Universidad de Colombia (Colombia).
       Categorical Logic and the Logic of Sheaves: Foundations for a Synthetic Philosophy of Mathematics.

ASL sponsorship of  SLALM 2017 will permit ASL student members to apply for a modest travel grant. See 
 for details.

March 17, 2017: Abstract deadline  (NEW)
April 7, 2017: Author notification (NEW)


 	* WALTER CARNIELLI (CHAIR) - Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Brazil)
 	* VERÓNICA BECHER - Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)
 	* XAVIER CAICEDO - Universidad de los Andes (Colombia)
 	* NATASHA DOBRINEN - University of Denver (United States)
 	* CARLOS DI PRISCO - Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas (Venezuela) y Universidad de los Andes (Colombia)
 	* ANTONIO MONTALBÁN - University of California, Berkeley (United States)
 	* RAYMUNDO MORADo - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Mexico)
 	* MAURICIO OSORIO - Universidad de las Américas Puebla (Mexico)
 	* STEVO TODORCEVIC - University of Toronto (Canada) y Paris 7 (France)
 	* BORIS ZILBER - University of Oxford (United Kingdom)


 	* JOSÉ RAMÓN ENRIQUE ARRAZOLA RAMÍREZ (CHAIR) - FCFM Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (Puebla)
 	* IVÁN MARTÍNEZ RUIZ - FCFM Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (Puebla)
 	* ALEJANDRO RAMÍREZ PARAMO - ECE Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (Puebla)
 	* CLAUDIA ZEPEDA CORTÉS - FCC Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (Puebla)
 	* RAFAEL ROJAS BARBACHANO - FC Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Ciudad de México)
 	* FAVIO E. MIRANDA PEREA - FC Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Ciudad de México)
 	* DAVID MEZA ALCANTARA - FC Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Ciudad de México)
 	* LUIS ESTRADA GONZÁLEZ - IIF Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Ciudad de México)
 	* ULISES ARIET RAMOS GARCÍA - CCM Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Morelos)
 	* MAX FERNÁNDEZ DE CASTRO TAPIA - DF Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (Iztapalapa)
 	* MATÍAS ALVARADO MENTADO - DC Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados (Ciudad de México)
 	* RAÚL MONROY BORJA -DTIC Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (Estado de México)

Contact us at 
slalm2017 at fcfm.buap.mx





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