[FOM] Kurt G?del: Maxims and Philosophical Remarks, Volume X

Mark van Atten vanattenmark at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 04:37:53 EST 2017

Dear Bill,

> Did IAS give any reason for not allowing an English translation?

Thanks for asking -- when asking our project leader, Gabriella Crocco,
for the details, it turned out that there had been a serious
misunderstanding on my part. The IAS did not withold permission for an
English translation by us, because, as I have now learned, it had
never been asked. I apologise to the IAS and to FOM for my mistake.

> Another question would be, could some other group undertake an English translation of your German addition.

Of course, provided they obtain permission from the IAS (who owns the
copyright to the original shorthand notebook) and from the editors of
this transcription (who own the copyright to it). Prof. Crocco
informed me that the latter will be granted to any interested party
who asks; she can be contacted at gabriella DOT crocco AT wanadoo DOT

The French journal Philosophia Scientiae is now planning to ask both
permissions and have an English translation prepared, for publication
in a special bi-lingual issue later this year.

> BTW, congratulation on getting the German edition out!

Many thanks!

Best wishes,

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