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You're right: undecidable languages aren't closed under either binary union or binary intersection. Here is a simple class of counterexamples:

Given an undecidable language L, its complement Lc is also undecidable. Then the union of L and Lc is the trivially true subset, which is decidable, and the intersection of L and Lc is the trivially false subset, which is decidable.

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> Dear FOM list,
> Would anyone know the answer to the following?
> It is well known that the decidable languages are closed with respect to
> union and intersection.  What about the undecidable languages?
> I'm guessing that these are not closed with respect to either union or
> intersection, since I have been unable to find proofs, but I don't know of
> any counterexamples.
> Any light that anyone can shed on this would be appreciated.
> Dan Schwartz
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